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First info on the next MPA Photo Contest

  • 02 May 2019 12:22 AM
    Message # 7315709
    Wanda Prather (Administrator)

    The Maryland Photography Alliance's 3rd Annual Photography Contest will begin taking submissions in July, and more information with details will be forthcoming soon. 

    What we have as of now is a heads up on what the submission categories will be so you can photograph in advance.  Here are the four categories:

    * Abstract
    * Black & White
    * Maryland Architecture
    * Still Life

    Definitions of each category are as follows:

    ABSTRACT. A found abstract is a photograph of natural shapes, colors, or textures that has no obvious subject and is isolated to render the subject unrecognizable.

    BLACK & WHITE. Photographs that capture the purest form of light with shades of gray and pure black.

    MARYLAND ARCHITECTURE. Exterior or interior photographs of physical structures, which must be identified on the label as found, anywhere, in Maryland.

    STILL LIFE. Photographs, full-sized or macro images, of inanimate subjects–typically a small group or a solitary item. A still life can be simple or complex, sharp or soft in focus, high-key or low-key in lighting.


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