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 How much are CMPG dues?

Regular individual membership is $30 for the calendar year.

Family membership (all persons at the same address) is $45 for the calendar year.

Student memberships are also available for K-12 students and adults in bona fide photography degree programs.  Contact cmpguild@gmail.com for information on student memberships.

Everyone's dues are payable January 1.  Included are the monthly General meeting, the monthly User Group meeting, and most monthly photo outings.  On occasion we have optional special trips, tours, or photo shoots that require additional fees.

If you are joining for the first time after July, you will be charged a pro-rated amount to join.  The registration software calculates how many months remain until the end of the year, and reduces your initial dues accordingly. 

 What are "hybrid" meetings?

Sometimes our meetings are in person, some meetings are virtual (Zoom) only.  For "Hybrid" meetings , you get to choose whether you want to join the group in person, or watch via Zoom.

The CMPG board of directors plans the meetings as virtual, in person, or Hybrid based on a number of factors, including SAFETY protocols above all; available meeting room space, whether our speaker is local or long-distance, & likelihood of bad weather. 

You will know well ahead of time what the format of each meeting will be.  There is an UPCOMING EVENTS column on our home page with announcements of upcoming meetings, and you will get an email reminder of each meeting the day before (or earlier) that will include the Zoom link when needed.

  Do you record your meetings? 

In 2020 we began recording most of our General first Wednesday meetings, and some of our third Thursday User Group meetings.  Whether we record a meeting is usually dependent on our speakers, some of whom copyright their material and do not allow recording.  If we record a video, or if the speaker provides handouts or a copy of a slideshow, it will be posted on our website within a few days after the meeting. 

To access meeting videos and other materials, click the  MEETING VIDEOS  button on the MEMBERS ONLY AREA menu near the top of each page of this website (see above).  You must be a paid member to access materials from the MEMBERS ONLY AREA menu.

I know we had a presentation on architectural photography last year, but I can't remember the speaker's name.  How can I look it up?

On the top right of this page (well, every page!) there is a search box.  You can search for a partial match; for example if you enter "Archi", you'll get the hits for Archictecture, Architectural, and Archive.  The search is not case sensitive.  The results will show you the original event announcement for the presentation.

Or, if you prefer to look things up by date, click the Events tab at the top of this page.  On the Events page, scroll all the way to the bottom.  You'll find the original event announcements going back several years.

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