"We advance the art and science of photography through technical and aesthetic educational programs and through public service photography."

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    • 02 Feb 2022
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online Zoom Meeting

    Join us for our February 2nd General Meeting, 7-9pm. Our speaker is Jeff Voigt, an aerial photographer.

    As a boy, Jeff spent hours building and flying model airplanes with his father. Starting at age 11, he cut grass after school so he could afford flying lessons on the weekends. He soon realized that he really enjoyed the view OUTSIDE the aircraft and the photography bug hit him. 

    Fast forward 40 years. Combine a great drone and a sophisticated camera, and you get a 400-foot-tall mobile tripod! All of his images are shot from the vantage point of the drone. His aerial images are all about perspective. Common landmarks and cityscapes become uncommon from the air. Most of the images are full of bright natural colors, sunrises, sunsets, sailboats, water views.

    Jeff is a former Naval Officer, graduating from Annapolis in 1982, and served the nation for 8 years. He is an FAA Commercial rated drone pilot,  His previous experience as a manned pilot lends itself well to this discipline. “Imagine composing an important photograph ... while safely flying an aircraft in the national airspace.  That’s part of the fun of drone flight.”

    Check out Jeff's work at these sites:


    A Zoom link will be emailed to all on our mailing list a few days before the event.  Email cmpguild@gmail.com, if you'd like to be sent a Guest Pass link!

    • 02 Mar 2022
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online Zoom Meeting

    A Zoom link will be emailed to all on our mailing list a few days before the event.  Email cmpguild@gmail.com, if you'd like to be sent a Guest Pass link!

    • 06 Apr 2022
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online Zoom Meeting

    Please join us for our April General Meeting, Wednesday, April 6th, 7-9pm. Bryan Peterson will be presenting "Learning to See Creatively". 

    Are you having trouble ‘seeing’?  Do you often find yourself heading out the door, with the intention of capturing some really compelling image, only to come back empty-handed? Are you long on ideas but short on execution?

    Bryan is convinced that inside your camera bag, a virtual gold mine of compelling compositions awaits! As you will discover, ANY subject can be turned into a compelling shot, no matter how mundane, IF you apply the vast and creative principles that are offered in this lecture on seeing creatively!

    This presentation is packed with before & after, and good/better/best examples, and is based on his four best-selling books, Learning to See Creatively, Understanding Color, Understanding Exposure, and Understanding Portrait Photography

    Bryan enjoyed a successful commercial photography career for more than 30 years whose clients included American Express, Kodak, UPS, Phillips and Citibank.  In addition he has received awards from the Communication Arts Photography Annual eight times, Print Magazine four times and has also won the prestigious New York Art Directors Gold Award.  He was also a contributing editor at Popular Photography and Outdoor Photography magazine for almost nine years and has been teaching photography for over 30 years. 

    His largest audience knows him as the photographer/writer of numerous best-selling photography books, 11 books in total, including the million-copy best seller, in NINE LANGUAGES, Understanding Exposure.

    A Zoom link will be emailed to all on our mailing list a few days before the event.  Email cmpguild@gmail.com, if you'd like to be sent a Guest Pass link!

    • 03 Aug 2022
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online Zoom Meeting

    A Zoom link will be emailed to all on our mailing list a few days before the event.  Email cmpguild@gmail.com, if you'd like to be sent a Guest Pass link!

Past events

20 Jan 2022 January User Group Meeting: Lightroom's New Masking Tools
05 Jan 2022 January General Meeting: Betsy Wilson, "Capturing Motion"
18 Dec 2021 Tour the Baltimore Christmas Market
01 Dec 2021 December General Meeting: LIVE Holiday Party
03 Nov 2021 November General Meeting: Mel McNamera, "Book Making"
21 Oct 2021 October CMPG User Group: DSLR vs Mirroless Discussion
16 Oct 2021 CMPG NYC Meet Up by Train!
06 Oct 2021 October General Meeting: Eddie Kang, Elevate Your Skills Through Competitions
16 Sep 2021 CANCELED: September CMPG User Group:
01 Sep 2021 September General Meeting: Lewis Katz, Live B&W Critique
01 Sep 2021 MPA's 5th Annual Photography Contest Submission Information
19 Aug 2021 August CMPG User Group:
04 Aug 2021 August General Meeting: Lewis Katz, "From Capture to Print: The Art of Black and White Photography"
15 Jul 2021 July CMPG User Group:
07 Jul 2021 July General Meeting: Larry Scherer - Sports Marketing Images
17 Jun 2021 June CMPG User Group:
05 Jun 2021 CMPG Outing: Evening in Annapolis
02 Jun 2021 June General Meeting: Robert Fawcett, "Chasing The Stars" - Capturing The Night Sky"
22 May 2021 May Meetup at Brookside Gardens
20 May 2021 May CMPG User Group: Virtual Exhibit & Open Discussion
05 May 2021 May General Meeting: Wayne Wolfersberger - Our National Parks
15 Apr 2021 April CMPG User Group:
10 Apr 2021 Outing to Trolley Trail #9
07 Apr 2021 April General Meeting: Cole Thompson - Why Black & White?
18 Mar 2021 March CMPG User Group: Virtual Gallery, Getting Started
03 Mar 2021 March General Meeting: Michael Oberman - Nature Photography
18 Feb 2021 February CMPG User Group:
12 Feb 2021 CMPG Happy Hour
03 Feb 2021 February General Meeting: Jamie Turner - Spirit Photography
21 Jan 2021 January CMPG User Group:
06 Jan 2021 January General Meeting: Kelly Schneider - Dodging & Burning in Portraits
02 Dec 2020 December General Meeting: Annual Holiday Party Happy Hour
04 Nov 2020 November General Meeting: Matt Hanson - Food Photography and Cookbook Creation
15 Oct 2020 October CMPG User Group Meeting: TBD
07 Oct 2020 October General Meeting: Cam Miller - Masking in Photoshop
17 Sep 2020 September CMPG User Group Meeting: Frequency Separation, and more!
02 Sep 2020 September General Meeting: Geoffrey Baker - "Inside the World's Toughest Endurance Event You've Never Heard Of: The Barkley Marathons"
20 Aug 2020 August CMPG User Group Meeting: Open Forum
05 Aug 2020 August General Meeting: Irene Hinke-Sacilotto - A Passion for Wildlife Photography
16 Jul 2020 July CMPG User Group Meeting: Share Your Work
01 Jul 2020 July General Meeting: Eddie Kang - Making Your Mobile Phone Photos Stand Out
25 Jun 2020 CMPG Social
18 Jun 2020 June CMPG User Group Meeting: What is Your Workflow?
12 Jun 2020 Trip to Cascade Falls
03 Jun 2020 June General Meeting: Janet Little Jeffers, "Frame of Mind - Creativity, Perception, and Mental Focus"
21 May 2020 May DSLR User Group Meeting: Tips & Tricks You've Learned During Covid-19
13 May 2020 Tony Sweet: Shoot Where You Live - Finding Inspiration At Home
06 May 2020 May General Meeting: Paul Biederman - Flowers to Floral Images
23 Apr 2020 Matt Kloskowski: "How to Edit Photos Like A Pro In Lightroom & Photoshop"
16 Apr 2020 Online Meeting!: April DSLR User Group Meeting
13 Apr 2020 CMPG Virtual Happy Hour
01 Apr 2020 CANCELLED: April General Meeting: Paul Biederman - Transforming Flower to Floral Images
19 Mar 2020 CANCELLED: March DSLR User Group Meeting: Lightroom Q&A
04 Mar 2020 March General Meeting: Ginny Robertson - "Getting Out of Your Own Way?"
20 Feb 2020 February DSLR User Group Meeting: Introduction to Water Droplet Photography
05 Feb 2020 CANCELED February General Meeting: Nick Hanyok - Finding Your Style
16 Jan 2020 January DSLR User Group Meeting: TBD
11 Jan 2020 Fashion Photo Shoot Workshop
08 Jan 2020 January General Meeting: Les Picker - Photographic Printing
04 Dec 2019 December General Meeting: Annual Holiday Party & Pop-Up Gallery
23 Nov 2019 November Outing: Bird Photography at Conowingo Dam
06 Nov 2019 November General Meeting: Steve Talabac - Photographing Birds-in-Flight
02 Nov 2019 November 2nd Outing: Sultana Downrigging Festival
24 Oct 2019 Photo Plus Expo via Service Photo Bus
17 Oct 2019 October DSLR User Group Meeting: Speedlights & Strobes
02 Oct 2019 October General Meeting: Let's See Your Travel Photos
28 Sep 2019 September Outing: New York City
19 Sep 2019 September DSLR User Group: NYC Outing Info
04 Sep 2019 September General Meeting: Bruce Press, Portrait Photography
15 Aug 2019 August DSLR User Group: Photographing NYC
08 Aug 2019 August General Meeting: Sean Simmons, Wildlife & Landscape Photographer
27 Jul 2019 A CMPG Wildlife and Nature Photography Outing
18 Jul 2019 July DSLR User Group Meeting
16 Jul 2019 July Photography Outing
11 Jul 2019 July General Meeting: NOTE Date Change!!!
29 Jun 2019 June Outing to Covered Bridges of Fredrick County
20 Jun 2019 June DSLR Users Group: Matting & Framing Images
05 Jun 2019 June General Meeting: Kelly Schneider - Fine Art Photography
16 May 2019 CANCELLED: May DSLR Users Group
01 May 2019 May General Meeting: Padma Inguva - Floral Photography
27 Apr 2019 in Need of Volunteer Photographers for RTHC
18 Apr 2019 April DSLR User Group Meeting - Printing your images
13 Apr 2019 All Day Annapolis Photo Walk
03 Apr 2019 April General Meeting: Chris Paulis - Product Photography
30 Mar 2019 March Outing to Cascade Falls and Thomas Viaduct.
21 Mar 2019 March DSLR Users Group: Image Review
06 Mar 2019 March General Meeting: Board Elections and Headshots!
23 Feb 2019 February Outing to the Rawlings Conservatory
21 Feb 2019 February DSLR User Group Meeting: What makes a great photo?
06 Feb 2019 General Meeting: Emulating the Masters with Anne Looney and Steve Clark
17 Jan 2019 CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER January DSLR User Group Meeting
17 Jan 2019 Nations Photo Lab Field Trip
12 Jan 2019 January Outing to B&O Museum
02 Jan 2019 January General Meeting: Walter Calahan - Innovation: The Myth of Thinking Outside the Box
05 Dec 2018 December General Meeting: Annual Holiday Party with Pop-Up Gallery
23 Nov 2018 November Outing: Conowingo Dam
07 Nov 2018 November General Meeting: Eddie Kang - Creative Lighting
20 Oct 2018 October 20th Outing: New York City
18 Oct 2018 October DSLR User Group: Developing FILM with Caffenol
03 Oct 2018 October 3rd General Meeting: Chris Spielmann, Architectural Photography
20 Sep 2018 September 20th DSLR User Group: Photographing NYC
05 Sep 2018 September General Meeting: Landscape Photography with Vincent Ferrari
25 Aug 2018 August 25th Outing: Baltimore Basilica and Eutaw Place
16 Aug 2018 August DSLR Users Group: Topaz Labs Image Editing Demo
08 Aug 2018 August 8th Outing: Howard County Fair
02 Aug 2018 August General Meeting: Street Photography with Larry Cohen
19 Jul 2018 July DSLR Users Group: Photo Editing with the Eye of an Artist
05 Jul 2018 July General Meeting: Patty Hankins on Adding Depth to Your Photos
21 Jun 2018 June DSLR Users Group: Wacom Tablet, Monitor Calibration, Tripods and more!
06 Jun 2018 General Meeting: Paul Biederman Landscape Critique
02 Jun 2018 Tony Sweet Workshop: Compelling Composition
01 Jun 2018 Tony Sweet: Compelling Composition: Creating Visual Pathways
26 May 2018 May Outing: Landscapes at Centennial Lake
17 May 2018 DSLR Users Group
02 May 2018 General Meeting: Landscape Photography with Paul Biederman
21 Apr 2018 April Outing #2: Sherwood Gardens
19 Apr 2018 DSLR User Group: Lightroom
14 Apr 2018 April Outing: Light City
04 Apr 2018 General Meeting: Peer Critique / Show & Tell
28 Mar 2018 General Meeting
17 Mar 2018 March Outing: Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
28 Feb 2018 General Meeting
03 Feb 2018 February Photo Outing
24 Jan 2018 General Meeting
18 Jan 2018 DSLR Users Group Meeting
13 Dec 2017 General Meeting: Holiday Party
17 Nov 2017 Snow Geese Outing to Prime Hook
15 Nov 2017 General Meeting - John Casper: "Social Media For Photographers"
11 Nov 2017 Alpaca Fleece Festival Outing 11th - 12th November
27 Oct 2017 October Outing: Sultana Downrigging Festival
25 Oct 2017 General Meeting: Panel Discussion of Member Websites
27 Sep 2017 General Meeting
23 Sep 2017 September Outing: Antique Steam Train
23 Sep 2017 October Outing: Parade of Sails
24 Aug 2017 General Meeting
27 Jul 2017 General Meeting
22 Jun 2017 General Meeting
24 May 2017 General Meeting
20 May 2017 REVISED May Outing:Battle of New Market reenactment
26 Apr 2017 General Meeting
09 Apr 2017 Susquehanna State Park photo outing
02 Apr 2017 Opening of the "Iconic Columbia" Exhibit Reception
22 Mar 2017 General Meeting
12 Mar 2017 Moon Over Washington
22 Feb 2017 General meeting
18 Feb 2017 National Gallery photo trip
25 Jan 2017 General meeting
21 Jan 2017 Blackwater NWR Photo Trip
19 Jan 2017 DSLR Users Group meeting
14 Dec 2016 General meeting
11 Dec 2016 National Portrait Gallery tour-CANCELLED
16 Nov 2016 General meeting
26 Oct 2016 General meeting
28 Sep 2016 General meeting
27 Jul 2016 CMPG Monthly Meeting

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